The Importance of Nutrition For Our Body

‘We are what we eat’! Everyday various researches are conducted which have similar outcomes, that eating a healthy and balanced diet, rich in nutrition, promotes good overall health. Unhealthy food habits lead to an unhealthy and diseased body. The food that we eat contains essential nutrients that support our body’s metabolism. Deficiency of nutrition can lead to accumulation of toxins in our body. This can result in chronic diseases in the long run. A well balanced and nutritious diet not only helps in maintaining an over all well being but also helps in maintaining a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). It reduces the risk of many incapacitating diseases like diabetics, osteoporosis, cardiovascular ailments, cancer and stroke. Not only developing healthy eating habits is important, but also eating the right food is extremely crucial. Eating the wrong kind of food, like fried, greasy and junk food with zero nutritional value, can also lower your nutrition count. Thus, a nutritious diet is very important for preventing or curing various health problems and diseases.

Nutritious Food Groups:

No single nutritional group can fulfil our body’s nutritional needs. It is highly important that we add a variety of healthy foods to our meals, to derive all types of nutrition required by our body. There are five main categories of food that are highly nutritious in nature:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Cereals and Pulses
  • Dairy products, and
  • Poultry, Fish and Meat products

These above mentioned five groups, when consumed in a healthy balanced diet, ensures a balanced supply of vitamins, minerals and dietary fibre to the body. However, the food group serving will vary from person to person, as it will depend upon factors like age, body size, and gender and activity level. It is important to consume a variety of food items within a group and across the groups. This is because; each food item belonging to each food group provides different quantity of nutrition. Some food product of a food group provides more nutrition than other food item belonging to the same food group. This eating pattern will ensure that you get maximum recommended nutrition from every food group. Moreover, a large food variety will also make an interesting and delicious meal!

Adapting the above mentioned eating habits will ensure that your body is protected against many health problems and diseases. This will not only help in prevention but will also help in curing many ailments. Remember, prevention is better than cure. You must note that medicines only treat the symptoms of a disease, not its root cause. The root cause of most of the diseases and ailments we suffer from are caused by wrong eating habits. This leads to accumulation of toxins in the body system, which further worsens the condition.On the other hand, a well balanced and nutritious diet rectifies the root cause of diseases and restores the overall well being of the body.

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